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Live Chat 8PM – Yankees vs Mets – 5/23/10

Columns, Featured — By Scott Ham on May 23, 2010 2:57 pm

We’re chatting live tonight at 8:00 PM for the interleague game between the Yankees and Mets!


  1. Joe Santorsa (Zod) says:

    Nice call, Ian!

  2. Jollicar says:

    there are hundreds of other pfrsesoions that are a hell of a lot tougher then being a baseball player or basketball player. They get paid to play a game and there only job is to show up and stay out of trouble, in which a lot of professional athletes have a hard time doing. Yeah the contracts and pay rolls won’t change any time soon but in my opinion Ricky Williams signed the most respected contract of all time. He wanted to earn his money and I think in his contract he wouldn’t be paid a dime until he reached 1500 yards which is a hell of a season. Alotta respect to that dude. Professional athletes got it easy, everything handed to them and yeah they gotta work hard to become the best at there sport but millions? I rather pay a firefighter or doctor millions then a guy who can hit a baseball better then others. im out one love

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