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Yankees Minor League Note: Mustelier Starts Rehab Stint

Minor Leagues Report — By Tom K on July 10Prozac, 40, Mg, Reviews, Prozac, 50, Mg, Side, Effects, Prozac 2013 7:56 pm
In a bit of good newsProzac, 40, Mg, Reviews, Prozac, 50, Mg, Side, Effects, Prozac Ronnier Mustelier played for one of the GCL squads todayProzac, 40, Mg, Reviews, Prozac, 50, Mg, Side, Effects, Prozac going 1-for-3 with a run scored.
Mustelier is having a season filled with bad luck. He probably had a good chance to make the major league team out of spring training before succumbing to a knee injury late in camp. He was hitting decently well upon his return to Scranton (.280/.319/.408) but went down with a second injury. Now he is backProzac, 40, Mg, Reviews, Prozac, 50, Mg, Side, Effects, Prozac and the reality is that as soon as he proves he is healthyProzac, 40, Mg, Reviews, Prozac, 50, Mg, Side, Effects, Prozac he should be on a plane to New York. I can't think of one reason why Luis Cruz or Alberto Gonzalez deserve a roster spot over him.

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