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Ian Collier and Scott Ham first started working together because of their mutual love of the New York Yankees.  They quickly discovered that each had great admiration for sabermetrics and the new analytical thinking in baseball.  This led to a brief collaboration on The Fair Pole baseball blog.

About Ian Collier:

Ian lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan at a post-production company.  One day he’s gonna have a late-career renaissance a la Dennis Quaid in “The Rookie” and discover new-found life to his fastballAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole which currently sits in the low-60’s with late arm-side movement and some tilt.  On the 20-8o scouting scaleAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole it probably rates about a -19.

Ian spends approximately 30% of his time thinking about Hanley Ramirez.  He assures you it’s a purely platonic infatuation.  Ian is currently blogging comfortably from his parents’ basement.

About Scott Ham:

Scott graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication with a degree in Television Production and concentrations in history and writing.  Immediately after collegeAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole he went to work for a software company as a beta tester and soon was promoted to production manager.  He also designed an in-house studio to shoot video for various projects.

After about two yearsAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole Scott returned to New York and began working in post-production for advertising while writing baseball columns for a few websitesAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole the now defunct and  RecentlyAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole Scott has been writing on and off for

About Bill Schedler

From a very early ageAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole Bill realized his views on most subjects were neither conventional nor in line with popular opinion. As technology advancedAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole so did the methods with which Bill would share his thoughts on any topicAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole mundane or taboo. In the late 70s he started calling random people and leaving extended messages on their newfangled answering machines. In the early 80s Bill ran with the invention of the Post-It note and littered his town with unsolicited adhesive pearls of wisdom. In the early 90s Bill was a regular caller into “party lines” where he developed a loyal following of lonely gentleman who liked to role play. FinallyAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole in the last few years Bill has discovered the potential to offend and inspire millions (read: dozens) through blogging. And so we invite you to follow him and his universe of nonsense via The Bill of Rights and Wrongs.

Bill Schedler is a writer and comedian based in the NY area. Visit his website and alternate blog: One Giant Leap

Music for the podcast is provided by Fatworks.  For more infoAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole email here.

Voice over for the podcast provided by Chris KelleyAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole the voice of SportscenterAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole all things ESPNAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole and some sayAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole the Voice of God.  Thanks againAnastrozole, 2013, Anastrozole, .25, Anastrozole Chris.

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