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Wide Open AL East

The recent injuries inflicted on the New York Yankees have made the AL East as competitive as it’s been in years. Mark Teixeira recently came up with a strained tendon in his wrist after leaving theteamto play in the WBC. What was thought to be only a few weeks has turned into a eight to [&hellip

Super Bowl Chat

Super Bowl

Live Chat – ALDS Game 5 – Tigers vs Yankees

Join us for alive chat during game five of the ALDS between the Tigers and the Yankees!

Live Chat – ALDS Game Four – Yankees vs Tigers

Join us for a live unmoderated chat for game four of the ALDS between the Yankees and the Tigers!

Live Chat Tonight! ALDS Game Four

Join us tonight at 8:30PM EST for a live chat during the ALDS game four between the Yankees and the Tigers!

Chat Room – ALDS Game 1 – Tigers vs Yankees

We’re chatting for game one of the ALDS between the Tigers and Yankees!

The Chats Are Back!

We’ll be running our chat room for the playoffs starting with game one of the ALDS between the Tigers and the Yankees

Adam Warren Finishes What He Starts; Jorge Vazquez; Dellin Betances Pitches Brilliantly; Michael Solbach; Rob Segedin; Kramer Sneed

Scranton: With Jesus Montero (eye) and Justin Maxwell (torn labrum) out, you would think the Scranton squad wouldn’t hit very much. Well, at least for one night, they proved you wrong. Jorge Vazquez hit his 20th home run of the season, while Adam Warren threw a complete game (!!!!!) six-hitter as Scranton crushed Charlotte, 10-1. [&hellip

Austin Romine Suffers Concussion

Due to a collision at home plate last Thursday

David Phelps; Tim Norton; Kevin Whelan; Cody Johnson; Jose Pirela

Scranton: David Phelps was magnificent, tossing seven shutout innings as Scranton squeaked by Charlotte, 1-0. Phelps allowed five hits, walked three and struck out eight. He lowered his ERA to 2.95 (76.1 IP, 76 H, 8 HR, 20 BB, 66 K). Phelps had a 4.15 ERA in five April starts. In his seven starts since, [&hellip

Andrew Brackman; Cody Johnson; Josh Romanski; Abraham Almonte; Robert Lylerly; Mikey O’Brien

Scranton: Andrew Brackman was better than last time out, but that’s not saying too much as Scranton got crushed by Charlotte, 8-2. Brackman lasted 5.2 innings, giving up four runs on three hits. He walked four, struck out two, and threw two wild pitches. On the plus side, he didn’t hit anybody. He is 2-5 [&hellip

DJ Mitchell; Bradley Suttle; Manny Banuelos; Sean Black; Zolio Almonte; Jose Ramirez; Kyle Roller

Scranton: DJ Mitchell had his strikeout pitch working, but Scranton’s bats decided to not show up in a 4-1 loss to Toledo. The Mud Hens scored those four runs on 15 hits. Mitchell went six innings, allowing three runs on nine hits. He walked one and struck out ten as his ERA rose to 2.95 [&hellip

Yankees Select Dante Bichette, Jr.

Third baseman. Yep, obviously the son of the former major leaguer

Brandon Laird; Corban Joseph; Craig Heyer; Jairo Heredia is DEALING!; Slade Heathcott Homers; Nik Turley

Scranton: Brandon Laird remained hot, going 2-for-3 with a run batted in as Scranton squeaked by Toledo, 3-2. Laird is up to .276/.308/.393 on the season. After a .184/.213/.289 April, he hit .307/.343/.406 in May and is now 9-for-19 with three extra-base hits in June. He has been hitting lefties well for the season (.321/.357/.472), [&hellip

Gary Sanchez Returns

1-for-4 as Charleston’s DH on Saturday night

Brandon Laird, DeAngelo Mack, Delin Betances; Zolio Almonte; Robert Lylerly; Brett Marshall; Kyle Roller; Rob Segedin

Scranton: Brandon Laird went 2-for-4 with a double, home run, two runs scored, and a run batted in but it wasn’t enough in a 7-3 loss to Toledo. Laird is up to .269/.302/.389. He is 7 for his last 16 and 16 for his last 42. Daniel Brewer went 2-for-4 with a double and two [&hellip

Jesus Montero; David Phelps; Corban Joseph; Eduardo Sosa; JR Murphy; Kyle Roller; Ramon Flores; Kelvin DeLeon; Anderson Feliz

A quick rundown of last night. Scranton: Jesus Montero: 2-for-4, double, run scored, walk (.307/.350/.434) Jorge Vazquez: 2-for-4, run scored, walk (.282/.329/.574) Brandon Laird: 3-for-4, double, two runs batted in, walk (.265/.299/.365) Daniel Brewer: 2-for-4, double (.282/.352/.364) David Phelps: 7.2 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K (4-4, 3.25 ERA, 69.1 [&hellip

Brackman is a Mess; Robert Lylerly; Abraham Almonte; Chase Whitley; Eduardo Sosa; JR Murphy

Scranton: Well, at least he didn’t give up any hits. Andrew Brackman lasted one inning, giving up three runs on no hits as Scranton got pounded by Indianapolis, 13-2. Brackman walked three, struck out one, hit a batter, and threw a wild pitch as his ERA climbed to 6.80 (46.1 IP, 49 H, 36 R, [&hellip

DJ Mitchell; Cody Johnson; Austin Romine; Manny Banuelos; Zolio Almonte; Rob Segedin; JR Murphy

Scranton: DJ Mitchell threw seven shutout innings as Scranton squeaked out a 1-0 victory over Indianapolis. Mitchell allowed five hits, walked one and struck out five as his ERA dropped all the way down to 2.78 (55 IP, 45 H, 18 R, 17 ER, 3 HR, 19 BB, 32 K, 1.25 GO/AO). Ramiro Pena drove [&hellip

Jesus Montero; Craig Heyer; Pat Venditte; Jairo Heredia Impressive; Walter Ibarra; JR Murphy; Nik Turley

Scranton: Jesus Montero went 2-for-5 with a triple, a home run, three runs batted in, and two runs scored as Scranton banged out 17 hits in a 10-3 win over Indianapolis. Brandon Laird went 2-for-5 with a double and a run batted in, while Jordan Parraz put up a 4-for-5 night with a double and [&hellip