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Archive for Category: "Minor Leagues Report"

Yankees Continue 40-Man Roster Shuffle with James Pazos Trade & Other Moves

The Yankees continued to shuffle their deck today, making a minor trade dealing LHP James Pazos to the Mariners for Zack Littel.   Pazos is the latest player the Yankees are moving off of their 40-man roster for a player who does not yet need to be placed on the 40-man roster. Pazos, as you probably know, [&hellip

My Take: Yankees Continue Their Veteran Purge with McCann Deal

In what has become one of the most memorable years in Yankees history that didn't even involve a playoff team, the Yankees continued their "veteran purge" today by dealing Brian McCann off to Houston for two pitching prospects (Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman).  The Yankees will also pay off $11M of McCann's remaining contract ($5.5M [&hellip

The 40-Man Roster Crunch

You have probably read about it many times already – the Yankees have a 40-man roster problem this winter.  But, what exactly does it mean, and just how bad is it? I don't have to give a huge primer on it – the bottom line is that after a certain number of years in your [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report: Arizona Fall League Update

An update on all of the players the Yankees currently have down in the Arizona Fall League: Gleyber Torres:   9-for-21 with two doubles, two home runs, four runs batted in, four walks, and four strikeouts.    He is 2-for-4 stealing bases.   Torres is obviously off to a nice start down here as he [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report: Season in Review: 1B/3B

For part two of this series, I am going to focus on the corner infield spots.   This is not an area of extreme strength right now in the system, but the third base position is certainly on the upswing.  As for first base, many great first basemen (including our own Mark Teixeira!) started off [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report: Season in Review: Catchers

Now that the season is completely over, I thought it would be a good time to go through the system a bit, position by position, to see where the Yankees stand heading into the off-season. Obviously, any player can be traded, released, get hurt in winter ball or by falling down on a basketball court. [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/20/16: Scranton Takes Triple-A National Championship

Scranton (Defeated El Paso, 3-1, to win the Triple-A National Championship, a one-game showcase between the winners of the PCL and the International League.  The game was played in Autozone Park, the home park of the Memphis Redbirds in the PCL (Cardinals).  Although the PCL has more than its fair share of big offensive environments, [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/16/16: The End, as Scranton Wins Title, but Trenton Gets Swept

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has read these reports dating all the way back to April.  Obviously, thanks to some stellar play throughout the organization, these reports extended longer than usual.  At one point this postseason, it was like typing up a regular season report – there were FIVE teams playing [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/15/16: Brady Lail Leads Scranton to 2-1 Series Advantage

Scranton (Defeated Gwinnett, 3-0, to take a 2-1 series lead) OF Clint Frazier:  1-for-5, 3 K C Kyle Higashioka:  1-for-3, RBI, BB, 2 K OF Jake Cave:  0-for-4 IF Donovan Solano:  2-for-3, 2B (4), RS OF Mark Payton: 0-for-3, RS, BB, K OF Cesar Puello:  0-for-4, RS, BB, K IF Cito Culver:  0-for-4 1B Chris [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/14/16: Scranton Walks Their Way to a 1-1 Series Tie

Scranton (Defeated Gwinnett, 2-1.  Scranton only collected one hit in the game.  Down 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th, Donovan Solano and Chris Parmelee both walked to lead off the inning, followed by Kyle Higashioka reaching base on a hit by pitch.  Jake Cave and Peter Kozma both drew walks with the bases loaded [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/13/16: Starting Pitching Lets Scranton & Trenton Down in Game 1

Scranton (Lost to Gwinnett, 7-4, to fall behind 1-0) OF Jake Cave:  3-for-4, 2B (2), HR (1), 2 RBI, RS 7-for-14 in the postseason OF Clint Frazier:  1-for-4, RS, BB, K C Kyle Higashioka:  1-for-3, 2 RBI, BB, K OF Mason Williams:  0-for-5, K UTIL Donovan Solano:  0-for-4, RS, BB, K IF Cito Culver: 0-for-4 [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/12/16: Bradenton Beats Tampa to Take Title

Tampa (Lost to Bradenton, 4-1.   Bradenton wins title, 3-1) SS Jorge Mateo:  0-for-4, K He probably couldn't wait for this nightmare of a season to end.  He was a complete non-factor in the playoffs, going 3-for-30 with no extra base hits. SS Gleyber Torres:  0-for-4, 3 K Went 8-for-33 in the playoffs with a [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/11/16: Tampa Loses Game 3

Note that the only game that the organization played today was a complete dud.  Read on at your own risk. Tampa (Lost to Bradenton, 9-0, to fall behind in the championship series, 2-1) SS Jorge Mateo:  0-for-3, BB SS Gleyber Torres:  0-for-4, K OF Rashad Crawford:  0-for-3 OF Trey Amburgey:  1-for-3 3B Kevin Cornelius:  0-for-3 [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/10/16: Trenton Advances to Championship

Trenton (Defeated Reading, 3-2, to win the series, 3-1) CF Dustin Fowler:  2-for-5, RS, K SS Tyler Wade:  0-for-4, RS, BB, K Wade has played a lot this year (137 games between the regular season and playoffs, with more to come), and the Yankees are sending him off to the Arizona Fall League to play [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/9/16: Nick Solak Doubles Three Times, But Staten Island Eliminated

Scranton (Leads Lehigh Valley, 11-1, in the 5th.  Rain delays today.  If they don't blow it, they will win the series, 3-0) OF Mason Williams:  2-for-3, RS, K If you saw video of his defense on Thursday night, you saw why he is probably by far the best defensive OF in the entire system right [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/8/16: Rashad Crawford Doubles, Triples, and Homers in Wild Victory

Scranton (Shut Down Lehigh Valley, 7-0, to go up 2-0) CF Mason Williams:  2-for-5, RBI, RSOF Clint Frazier:  1-for-4, 2B (1), 2 RS, BBC Kyle Higashioka:  1-for-4, 2B (1), 2 RBI, K OF Jake Cave: 2-for-4, 2B (1), RS, K OF Cesar Puello:  0-for-4, RS, 2 K UTIL Donovan Solano: 3-for-5, 2 2B (2), 2 [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/7/16: Jordan Montgomery Dazzles in Game 1

Scranton (Defeated Lehigh Valley, 2-0, to go up 1-0) OF Mason Williams:  3-for-4, HR (1), 2 RBI, RS, K His 2-run HR in the 8th broke the 0-0 tie. OF Clint Frazier:  0-for-4 OF Jake Cave:  0-for-2, SAC, BB C Kyle Higashioka:  0-for-4, K OF Cesar Puello: 1-for-4, 2 K UTIL Donovan Solano:  1-for-4, K [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/6/16: Tampa Takes Game 1

Tampa (Defeated Dunedin, 2-1, in 13 innings) SS Gleyber Torres:  2-for-5, 2 2B (2), BB, K His double in the Top of the 13th did bring home the winning run, but it was ruled that Estrada would not have scored if not for an error – so he did not get a run batted in [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/5/16: Regular Season Comes to an End

Tonight's three stars:  Miguel Andujar (Trenton), Hoy Jun Park (Charleston), Kyle Holder (Charleston) Scranton (Defeated Syracuse, 4-3, in 10 innings) OF Clint Frazier:  1-for-5, HR (3), RBI, RS, 3 K Finishes off at .228/.278/.396 in 101 AB for Scranton and .263/.335/.447 in 463 AB overall between Scranton/Columbus/Akron (Akron is Cleveland's Double-A affiliate).    He is [&hellip

Yankees Minor League Report 9/4/16: Thairo Estrada has 5-Hit Day in DH Loss

Yes, for the first time since the Clinton administration, I missed a minor league report yesterday due to actually being away the entire day.    It wasn't the most eventful of days, really – Charleston lost a 5-4 game to Columbia in 14 innings, a game in which C Luis Torrens hit a home run.   [&hellip