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Derek and the Yankees

It’s negotiating time. Will Derek Jeter insist on being the superstar or has Father Time talked some sense to the Captain

The Trade Deadline: Who Should the Yankees Try to Acquire?

Was Cliff Lee the only player the Yankees will look at by the trade deadline

Braden Sends ARod a Gift

Dallas Braden has lightened the mood. Let’s hope it continues

Let’s Make the All Star Game Better

The All Star Game is lame but maybe it can be better

Dallas Braden: Take Off My Shirt!

Dallas Braden doesn’t like the A’s new t-shirts

Robbie Cano and Clutchiness

Robbie Cano is batting fifth and looks clutch. But will it last

Yankees Waiting on Pujols and Mauer?

Are the Yankees waiting on Albert Pujols or Joe Mauer

Why Nick and Not Matsui?

The Yankees have improved themselves offensively and defensively this off-season

Undervaluing the DH Role

The DH by committee option is a bad idea for the Yankees. Here’s why

Wrapping Up the World Series

Hideki Matsui powered the Yankees to their 27th World Series title

DH Question Looms in the Off-Season

There is talk once again of the Yankees going to a DH by committee in 2010. Bad idea. Here’s why

World Series Game 4 Thoughts

Damon and ARod bailed out Joba in game four of the World Series

World Series Game 3 Thoughts

Some thoughts on Game 3, compiled while watching the Giants clash with the Eagles in the first half of an epic Philadelphia/New York Sunday doubleheader

Thoughts on ALCS Game 6

The Yankees beat the Angels in six games to win the ALCS. Here’s a quick breakdown of game

ALCS Game 5 Thoughts

Another Girardi head-scratcher was the story behind game

Micro Joe Girardi Strikes Again

The Yankees didn’t lose game three of the ALCS. Joe Girardi did

ALDS Game 2 Thoughts – Yanks & Twins

An incredible game 2 of the ALDS sends the Yanks to Minnesota with a 2-0 lead. Here’s what happened.

The Great Division Series Roster Debate

Because when you’ve already clinched your division, you need other things to obsess over

Yankees Only Scuffling By Their Standards

The Yankees extinguished the Angels curse, but has there really been a monkey on their backs the last few weeks

Yanks Beat Angels; Speed Got Lucky

Speed almost didn’t beat the Angels last night, but that doesn’t make for a very good story