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Post Tagged with: "Hideki Matsui"

The Vazquez Trade: The Day After

It’s the day after Javier Vazquez was reacquired and the reaction has been varied

Undervaluing the DH Role

The DH by committee option is a bad idea for the Yankees. Here’s why

Wrapping Up the World Series

Hideki Matsui powered the Yankees to their 27th World Series title

DH Question Looms in the Off-Season

There is talk once again of the Yankees going to a DH by committee in 2010. Bad idea. Here’s why

World Series Game 3 Thoughts

Some thoughts on Game 3, compiled while watching the Giants clash with the Eagles in the first half of an epic Philadelphia/New York Sunday doubleheader

World Series Game 2 Thoughts

AJ Burnett pitched the game of his life to knot the Series at 1-

World Series Rotation and Roster Questions

Pitchers and catchers and… Mark McGwire

The Great Division Series Roster Debate

Because when you’ve already clinched your division, you need other things to obsess over

Is Matsui Making a Case for 2010 Over Damon?

Matsui or Damon: who would you keep

Yanks Beat Angels; Speed Got Lucky

Speed almost didn’t beat the Angels last night, but that doesn’t make for a very good story

2009 Yankees: What’s Changed From 2008

The 2009 Yankees have turned into an offensive machine. We compare them to what went wrong in

Damon in 2010 and beyond

Johnny Damon is defying the odds with another good offensive season. The question remains: should he stay for 2010… and beyond

Wind Not a Factor in New Yankee Stadium

A study says that wind isn’t a factor at Yankee Stadium. Just the opposite. So, is Yankee Stadium really putting up huge numbers

Yankees’ Midterm Report Card

The first half is over. Ian and Scott tag team to bring you an extensive breakdown of the Yankees’ first half

The Swish Needs to Play Everyday

Girardi named Xavier Nady the starting right fielder. Nick Swisher has other ideas.

Five Things I Can’t Wait To See

The hour is nigh, and the weather is semi-promising. Let’s play ball

“The Yankee Years” Lost Forward

We have gotten our hands on the unpublished forward to Joe Torre’s “The Yankee Years” and you’ll never guess who wrote it

The Curious Case of Bernabe Williams

Bernie Williams is trying to play baseball again. But can he

The Truth Behind Trading Nady or Swisher

The Yankees like Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher. So why does one of them have to go

Posada’s Health Handcuffs Yankees Pursuit of Offense

The health of Jorge Posada is handcuffing the Yankees in their pursuit of more offense

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