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Post Tagged with: "Melky Cabrera"

The Vazquez Trade: The Day After

It’s the day after Javier Vazquez was reacquired and the reaction has been varied

Vazquez To The Yankees: Our Analysis

Javier Vazquez is back with the Yankees. Good move

Why Nick and Not Matsui?

The Yankees have improved themselves offensively and defensively this off-season

Yanks Keeping LF Warm For Crawford

The Boston Herald reports on the Red Sox two-year pact with Mike Cameron, while mentioning that Yanks have apparently been in touch with Jason Bay

Melky or Gardner?

The Yankees should be shopping Melky Cabrera, not Brett Gardner. Here’s why

Granderson A Good Fit For The Yankees

A day after the Brian Bruney shocker, the Yankees made an even bigger deal today (if you can believe it): they acquired CF Curtis Granderson in a three-way trade with the Tigers and Diamondbacks.

Undervaluing the DH Role

The DH by committee option is a bad idea for the Yankees. Here’s why

World Series Game 5 Thoughts

Bad AJ showed up as the Phillies took game five of the World Series

World Series Game 4 Thoughts

Damon and ARod bailed out Joba in game four of the World Series

World Series Game 3 Thoughts

Some thoughts on Game 3, compiled while watching the Giants clash with the Eagles in the first half of an epic Philadelphia/New York Sunday doubleheader

Thoughts on ALCS Game 6

The Yankees beat the Angels in six games to win the ALCS. Here’s a quick breakdown of game

Stay Positive: This Year Is Different

I don’t expect any non-Yankee fans to quite understand this, but because of the burden of expectation, because of the media scrutiny, because of the money and the notoriety and the recent history of crushing, abject pain and misery, the Yankees are often quite miserable to watch

ALCS Game 5 Thoughts

Another Girardi head-scratcher was the story behind game

The Great Division Series Roster Debate

Because when you’ve already clinched your division, you need other things to obsess over

2009 Yankees: What’s Changed From 2008

The 2009 Yankees have turned into an offensive machine. We compare them to what went wrong in

Yankees’ Midterm Report Card

The first half is over. Ian and Scott tag team to bring you an extensive breakdown of the Yankees’ first half

Doc Makes Little Sense for Yanks

There is little reason for New York radio to bang the Roy Halladay drum. The Yankees won’t go after him

Sweep by BoSox on Girardi’s Shoulders

Girardi’s over-managing is contributing to the Yankees embarrassment by the Red Sox

Joba Chamberlain and The Myth of the Ordinary

Retard this man’s development at your own peril. Ask the Mariners how that went with Brandon Morrow

The Melk Man Delivers! Yes, I Now Hate Myself.

Some observations from the Yankees sweep of Oakland. More Melky, less CC, and a whole lotta empty seats

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